Lip Filler Injection during Dermal Filler Treatment at Glow Dermspa in Lakewood Ranch FL
Lip Fillers & Dermal Fillers at Glow


Facial fillers are a gel-like substance made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar molecule found in your skin. When hyaluronic acid is mixed with collagen, it keeps the skin plump, hydrated and youthful. Also called dermal fillers, they help lift, shape and refine features of the face and other areas of the body, minimizing the signs of aging. Facial fillers enhance the cheeks, midface, hide frown lines or downturned corners of the mouth, can treat tear troughs, back of hands and enhance lips and contour jawlines.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and hyaluronic acid. This causes our skin strength, elasticity and fat volume to decrease, changing the shape and appearance of the face. Loss of volume in the facial area can be seen in sagging skin, folds, lines or wrinkles. Facial fillers add structure, volume and support to redefine your features bringing back a more youthful appearance.

Fast Facts: Fillers

Fillers benefits Benefits 1. Restores or enhances volume and creates contour
2. Reduces wrinkles and skin folds
3. Diminishes signs of aging
Fillers average cost at glow dermspa AVG Cost Starts at $700
Fillers downtime at glow dermspa Downtime Swelling and bruising may occur. Downtime can be a few days, up to 2 weeks.
topical anasthetic for Fillers at glow dermspa Topical Anesthetic Used? Yes
Fillers treatment areas on body at glow dermspa in lakewood ranch florida Treatment Areas Lips, Cheeks, under eyes (tear troughs), chin augmentation, jawline, marionette lines (under/around the mouth), nasolabial fold, temples & earlobe.
Filler results duration Duration Results last 9 months – 2 years depending on the area treated and the filler used

Fillers FAQ

Dermal fillers help reduce the early signs of aging seen through a loss of facial volume. As a non-surgical procedure, the treatment provides instant results with little downtime. Fillers are customizable, allowing us to treat your specific area of concern, and keep you looking natural.
Prior to the treatment, you will discuss your goals with one of our experienced injectors. Based on your area of concern, the injector will select the product that best achieves the results you are looking for.

Yes! Dermal fillers benefit both men and women that are looking to reduce the signs of aging.

Facial fillers are injected using ultra-fine needles or cannulas (blunt tip needles) into various locations of treatment. The injection may be just below the surface of the skin or deeper into the facial tissue. Prior to the treatment, a topical anesthetic may be applied to numb the area. Fillers also contain a local anesthetic so there is instant numbing during the treatment. You may experience some swelling or minor bruising. Small ice packs are provided after the treatment to help with swelling.
Your injector may recommend limiting strenuous activity for the day of treatment depending on the filler and area. For cheek filler treatments, it is best to avoid a massage table or chiropractic table for 2 weeks following treatment. Bruising and minor swelling is likely following treatment and usually resolves within a week when using a bruise cream. Please allow 2-4 weeks prior to any special event to provide adequate time for bruising to resolve.
No, facial fillers are a temporary treatment. Your body naturally absorbs the hyaluronic acid over time. Facial fillers last 9 months to 2+ years, depending on the filler that is used and the area being treated. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are the ONLY completely dissolvable filler with a medicine called Hylenex, making it the safest among dermal fillers! We know that for any reason, we are able to inject Hylenex in attempt to dissolve or remove new or old filler.
Glow Dermspa has advanced aesthetic injectors who are highly trained in various injecting techniques and can individualize the style of injection that would best suit each client. We believe in facial rejuvenation that provides natural-looking results. Facial fillers are designed to refine your features, bringing back a more youthful appearance. The overall goal should be to enhance your look, not to change it.