Straightening Out a Wrinkle: Botox or Juvederm?

botox-or-juvedermBeing happy with how you look is almost a requirement in order to be more comfortable with yourself. That’s why people go to great lengths to make sure they look good. When you get older, it becomes a bit difficult. Your skin is not as young as before and just adding make-up doesn’t do the trick. So you look for alternatives. In your search, you come in contact with two very popular terms that seem to be making waves in the world of nonsurgical methods of getting rid of wrinkles. But the question remains, which of the two is better?

Similar Yet Different

Once you sift out all the talk about Botox or Juvederm and all the stuff about which one is better, you can actually come up with a fairly legit conclusion – that both are effective. When done right, both Botox and Juvederm can create significant changes in one’s facial features.

As what was mentioned above, both procedures are nonsurgical methods of getting rid of wrinkles. Both procedures can be done in the office (or clinic) within 15-20 minutes. Also, you don’t have to wait for weeks or days to see results. The change can be seen almost after the procedures.

Although they may have similar points, Botox and Juvederm have their differences. Let’s see why one is different from the other.

1. Botox – This procedure works by preventing movements of facial muscles that causes wrinkles. It is more popular among the younger crowd as it has preventative qualities. Botox uses a very diluted form of a toxin called the botulism toxin. It is considered as one of the most effective methods of getting rid of wrinkles. It’s a low-risk high-reward procedure. The downside with Botox is that you have to constantly and regularly do the procedure to keep the effects. Botox can be the perfect solution for the following problems:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lax Eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines
  • Under Eye lines

2. Juvederm – Often called as a “soft tissue filler”. Juvederm is an answer to the problem of losing facial volume. As we grow older, our face loses fat and causes creases or folds on our faces, flattened cheeks, or wrinkles on the face. Juvederm acts as a “replacement” for the facial fat you lost so you don’t have to suffer from the problems mentioned above. Juvederm uses Hyaluronic acids which are already found on the body so you won’t have to worry about negative reactions. The Hyaluronic acid is then injected into the problem areas to negate the effect of aging. Juvederm is best used for the following areas: </ p>

  • Sunken cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lip lines
  • Superficial lines
  • Oral Commisure
  • Thin lips
  • Chin lines

Contact your Dermatologist Today

The debate over Botox vs Juvederm may continue on for ages but one thing is for sure – each one is effective in doing what it is supposed to do. The best thing to do is to call your dermatologist in Sarasota, Bradenton, or Lakewood Ranch and ask for an appointment. They will be the ones who can better understand your concerns and give you expert opinion on what kind option you should take.

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