Sclerotherapy Injections during a Spider Vein Treatment on the Legs at Glow Dermspa in Lakewood Ranch FL
Sclerotherapy Injections for Spider Veins


Sclerotherapy is a treatment for superficial spider veins and reticular veins. It is a highly effective therapy that involves the injection of small amounts of a medication through a tiny needle. The medication causes irritation within the small vessels, causing them to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body, reducing the appearance of these dilated surface veins while preserving blood flow in healthy veins.

Our patients get the best results from a series of treatment sessions and some maintenance over time to mitigate new veins that appear with aging.

Fast Facts

Sclerotherapy benefits Benefits 1. Treats spider veins and reticular veins
2. Improve overall appearance of legs
Sclerotherapy average cost at glow dermspa AVG Cost Starts at $250
Sclerotherapy downtime at glow dermspa Downtime None
topical anasthetic for Sclerotherapy at glow dermspa Topical Anesthetic Used? Optional
Sclerotherapy treatment areas on body at glow dermspa in lakewood ranch florida Treatment Areas Legs
Sclerotherapy results duration Duration Results last 3-4 months

Sclerotherapy FAQ

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of saline or a medication called Asclera into the spider veins which causes them to collapse and disappear.
No. Sclerotherapy is limited to treating spider veins.
This minimally invasive procedure is easy to perform in the office and no anesthesia is required.
It depends on the patient. Typically 2-4 treatments are needed for optimal results.
Generally there is no downtime, although patients should wait two to three days before performing intense exercise or heavy lifting.
Yes! This treatment benefits both men and women.